Installation Ceremony of the 1st Nurse President!

From office and white uniforms to suits with tie and elegant gowns, attendees of the Installation Ceremony were filled with thanksgiving and joy as they witnessed the transition between two leaders. This first-of-its-kind Installation Ceremony of the new president of Adventist Medical Center-Valencia City, Inc. took place on March 27, 2019 at the Roadhouse Grand Hall, Valencia City.

Mrs. Janellie Curilan-Sumatra served as the Director for Nursing Services for five years at Adventist Medical Center-Valencia City, Inc. In 2018, she was elected as the Vice President for Nursing Affairs before accepting the presidency in 2019 that she will hold until 2020. She was accompanied in the ceremony by her husband, Pastor Clyde Sumatra, and her two boys.

The event was graced by the presence of notable guests– Hon. Jose Ma. Zubiri, the incumbent governor of Bukidnon province, Hon. Azucena Huervas, the city mayor of Valencia City, Pastor Roger Caderma, president of the South Philippine Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the chairman of the Board of AMCV; Pastor Jerry Patalinghug, president of Central Mindanao Adventist Mission, Dr. Hector Gayares, Jr. CEO of Adventist International Health System Philippines Inc., and Mr. Edgardo Torniado, the out-going president and currently the Treasurer of Central Mindanao Adventist Mission.

From left to right; Dr. Hector Gayares, Jr; Dr. Jesse Tabaranza; Mr. Marijoe Pialago; Mayor Azucena Huervas; Mrs. Sumatra’s youngest son; Pastor Clyde Sumatra; Mrs. Janellie Sumatra; Mrs. Sumatra’s eldest son; Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri; Pastor Roger Caderma; Pastor Gladden Flores; Ms. Gina Carmona; Mr. Edgardo Torniado.

The event started with a processional by the participants, guests, Medical Department Heads, Managers and Supervisors, the Board of Trustees and representatives from fellow Adventist Hospitals. It was opened with a prayer by Pastor Jerry Patalinghug. Mrs. Marilou Lozano, the Human Resource Director of AMCV welcomed the attendees to the event. Pastor Roger Caderma then gave the inspirational message reminding the great role of Adventist Hospitals. As the new president was presented on the stage, Dr. Hector Gayares, Jr. gave the high note about the role of a president. Mr. Edgardo Torniado, the out-going president, then turned over the key of responsibility to the new president. Mrs. Janellie Sumatral took her oath of office administered by Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri, Jr. before giving her inaugural speech. She was finally dedicated through a prayer by Pastor Roger Caderma.

Mrs. Janellie Sumatra taking the Oath of Office with Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri.

The felicitations to the newly installed president were given by the guests including Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri and Mayor Azucena Huervas. Mayor Huervas expressed her high hopes for AMCV and its new leader and thanked the institution for being a long-time partner in serving the people of Valencia through medical missions.

Mayor Huervas giving her felicitation.

Governor Zubiri also said a few words expressing his memories he has with Adventist institutions. “It’s not my first time I am invited by Adventist people,” he said in his speech. But he said that it was the first time that he was invited in a “very strict attire”,quoting from the invitation he received. “I had to go down to Cagayan (Cagayan de Oro) and buy a new coat,” he said in jest. Later in his speech he said he has high regards with Adventist people. According to Him, Seventh-day Adventist people are “the most religious people” that he has ever known.

Governor Zubiri in the processional.

The program would not have been possible without the hardworking people behind it, the Installation Committee, and the presence of valued guests together will all managers and staff of AMCV. To these, the administration gives its heartfelt thanks, and in all praise, thanks be to our Master Healer and Lord, Jesus Christ!