1. Go to AMCV and proceed to the triage area.

2. After getting clearance from the triage nurse, proceed to the emergency room.

3. The ER nurse will explain the procedure of teleconsultation.

4. Sign the consent for teleconsultation if you agree with the terms and conditions.

5. The ER nurse will create a record of your visit in the hospital’s computer system.

6. The ER nurse or the resident physician will do the physical assessment and contact the attending physician by phone. He or she may take photos or videotape the affected part to be sent to the attending physician

7. The attending physician will make orders regarding the management of your condition through the nurse or resident physician.

8. Pay the consultation fee at the cashier.

9. After payment, the nurse shall create a discharge summary and instruct you regarding your medications; you will also receive your doctor’s prescription.

10. The nurse will then sign your gate pass and you are good to go.

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