Week of Prayer 2019: Saved to Serve

An online U.S. survey was conducted in 2013 by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Career Builder among 243 U.S. health care employers and 508 health care workers[1]. The result of the survey revealed that 60% of the workers are “burned-out” due to heavy workloads. According to the survey, “Heavy patient loads, smaller staffs and higher stress levels may be causing health care workers to check themselves out of their facilities.[2]

Busyness caused by heavy loads and high stress levels can make any worker burned-out which can lead to a superficial relationship with Jesus. God’s workers of AMCV have somehow felt the same exhaustion as what any other worker can feel as he labors day and night to serve the people. The mind, the body, and the spirit, all felt the necessity of rest and revival. And thank God that the time came for the hospital’s week of spiritual emphasis for the workers to refresh, rejuvenate, and reconnect with Jesus, the Source of strength. The week aimed to cultivate a day-to-day experience with Jesus that will last until His return.

Adventist Medical Center-Valencia City welcomed the first Week of Prayer for the year 2019 with the theme “Saved to Serve” with dynamic speaker Professor Geoffrey Elifadhi Kiangi from South Namibia Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Professor Kiangi hails from Tanzania, East Africa. As he was upgrading his education in the United Kingdom, he met his lovely wife, Eliabeth Kiangi, and soon after, they began building their own home in Namibia. They were blessed with four (4) children; Mary, Ezra, Esther, and Andrew. Ezra currently works as a volunteer chaplain of AMCV. Professor Kiangi’s work experiences include being a teacher in various universities of Eastern and Southern Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Triumphant College in Namibia where his wife, Elizabeth, is the Managing Director. Currently, Professor Geoffrey and Ma’am Elizabeth are the Family Life Director and the Associate Director of South Namibia Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, respectively.

Professor Geoffrey Kiangi speaks during the week of prayer.

With the theme “Saved to Serve,” the speaker divided the week into the two components of the theme—the first three days on being “Saved” and the next four days on “Serving”. The “Saved” theme left the congregation in praises as they realized how great the sacrifice of the heavenly Father was just to save the lost humanity who intentionally disobeyed Him. With the speaker’s dynamic style of preaching, he introduced a clear and simple way of what Jesus, the most precious Son of the Father, had done. One must, therefore, make Jesus his/her priority because Jesus makes him/her His priority.

Moving on to the second half of the week, the speaker emphasized about serving. While the workers believed that working in an institution is working for God’s cause, the speaker gave emphasis on the greater work as a follower of Jesus. “After being redeemed by Christ, we have to work for Christ.”[3] The emphasis on helping the poor, the widow, the sick, and all others who are considered the least in the community is one’s greater work for Jesus. The theme also covered the stewardship principle of using what God had entrusted to men for His cause. These were points the listeners got from the “Serving” part of the week.

Prof. Kiangi during the Hour of Worship.

The week closed with the foot washing and communion service during the Vespers program on Friday night and the final message during the hour of worship on the Sabbath day. For sure, everyone who listened to the messages was greatly blessed by God through the speaker. The hearts were filled with joy and service, and it is the prayer of AMCV that the workers will put into practice the principles they received from the week of prayer.

Thanks and prayers go to Professor Geoffrey and Ma’am Elizabeth Kiangi back in Namibia as they continue their ministry there.  Maranatha!

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